"A deep, dark, hard, sweaty, meditative yoga class is like a shot of espresso and a shot of wheatgrass and a shot of whiskey mixed with a good romp all in one. You walk in there a zombie and walk out in total bliss."

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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 x

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England-based photographer Sian Davey's photo series Finding Alice is a touching illustration of family life featuring her daughter Alice, who was born with Down syndrome. In Davey’s words, "I wonder how it might be for Alice to be valued without distinction, without exception and without second glance. This project is for her, for Alice."


Sam Smith - Lay Me Down (Epique Remix) by EPIQUE http://ift.tt/1mZG5cF

the troubles of an introvert.

the troubles of an introvert.

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natalie portman is my hero.

natalie portman is my hero.

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I certainly don’t fear it, I already got a glimpse into working with Sam Taylor-Johnson at the test, and I’’d met Dakota by then. So I had a glimpse into how I felt it would be if I got the part. None of it scared me. -When asked about the pressure of playing Christian Grey.

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